About AME Awards


Ambition is a desire that is locked in every human being and it takes the right key to open this lock.

The Majestic AME Awards pronounced (AME’s) recognises and promotes individuals, SME's (Small Medium Enterprises) organisations and groups that have made outstanding contributions to the Arts, Media and Entertainment within the Midlands.

The Awards are aimed at raising the profile of the Midlands as well as supporting the nominated individuals through tailored support sessions based on their needs, to improve their chances as a visionary. 

These awards are set to take the Midlands by storm and truly create a platform for creatives within the region through the support of local businesses, press and private investors - The Majestic AME awards are going to create unimaginable opportunities for people.

In addition to the Awards ceremonies, The Majestic AME Awards offers a platform for young and upcoming visionaries, by inspiring their visions for the industry through Majestic programmes namely TEN & Majestic AME Awards Partners.