Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions that we get. Have a question that is not listed here? That ok, just email us or call us!

Where do you work?
Nationally & Internationally.

What do you wear?
All black but this can be changed based on request.

Can you do repeat jobs?
We have many repeat customers who we work with, this is usually based on clients needs.

How do you manage VIP events?
We can sign confidentiality agreements and we never disclose event locations.

Do you just do staffing?
No, we do full event logistics get in-touch today to see what we can offer you.

What are your working hours?
We don’t have a defined working structure, so 24/7 really.

What are the turnaround times?
These vary depending on the job that the client requires us for.

Who manages the day?
In all our teams we have a designated supervisor/manager.

How do I join your team?
If you fill out a contact form, one of our recruitment team will be in touch.

Do you do site visits?
Yes, we can carryout site visits alongside you.

Can you provide other event aspects?
Yes, we can provide AV, lighting, seamless dance-floors, event decor and so much more.

Do you offer packages?
No, every event is different so we cannot offer package pricing. Each quote is custom to the specific needs of the client.